Our Path Forward

If you are like me, you are feeling the gravity of our world's current climate, while wrestling to understand and make sense of what comes next. Amid a global pandemic and challenging times economically, together we have witnessed the near- and long-term effects of racial injustices. We have watched thousands of Americans (and fellow Houstonians) call for social justice and racial equity, acknowledging that we have work to do as a community. We have also witnessed hundreds of companies take a stance against racism of any form and begin to work internally on how to live out this message.

In a time like this, people are looking to us as strategic planners and thought partners to help solve our community's greatest challenges and are relying on us to connect our most vulnerable populations to much needed services and resources. We are listening to your needs and we know you are looking to us for guidance and (resources/professional development). We are listening to your needs and we are here. 

As a black woman who has experienced microaggressions and racism professionally, I am sensitive to the challenges that minorities face in the fundraising profession. I am honored to serve on the AFP-GHC Board of Directors and as the Chair of our IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) Committee. I look forward to working with our board and with you, our membership, to design our path forward.

With valuable input from the members of the IDEA Committee and several chapter members, I presented the 2020 IDEA Initiative to our board with the recommendation to privilege the core value of EQUITY this year. I am excited to announce that as a follow up to our IDEA Statement, the AFP-GHC board has voted to implement the 2020 IDEA Initiative. This initiative highlights our initial plan to address racial equity as a chapter.


  • To develop and maintain a diverse organization that reflects, is responsive to, and embraces the diversity of the communities we serve throughout the world; respecting and valuing all people.
  • To promote an inclusive, equitable and accessible organization where every member, volunteer and board member can realize their potential and have their contributions valued.
  • To respond to the immediate needs of the broader community to set realistic goals around racial equity. 


  • To look inward (as a board) and learn how to position ourselves as stronger IDEA Ambassadors by scheduling two trainings on racial equity this calendar year.
  • To listen to the needs of fundraising professionals in Houston to better serve the professional locally by conducting a series of listening tours.
  • To offer scholarships specific to individuals and/or organizations with the intent of obliterating potential racial inequities within our current membership base. 
  • To increase the number of diverse members in AFP Houston.

We look forward to learning together and will share more in the coming weeks. We value your input and encourage you to reach out to us with your thoughts and ideas. If you would like to join the committee or have ideas to share, please email [email protected]