Statement on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA)

The events we are all witnessing in Houston and around our country in the wake of racist acts are heartbreaking. It is evident that we are a community in pain. We want our members to know that we value diversity and inclusion and we condemn racism in any form.   

The Association of Fundraising Professionals - Greater Houston Chapter works daily to equip individuals to build relationships and fund organizations that represent our diverse community. An integral part of our community includes Black individuals who face disproportionate injustices in every aspect of their lives, both personally and professionally. During these uncertain times, our respective communities rely on us and our profession as we play a critical role in engaging in crucial conversations, illuminating community-based issues and providing a safe place for productive dialogue. We envision a community where every member, volunteer, and leader can realize their potential and have their contributions valued and heard. Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) are central to our mission to elevate the fundraising profession. Three years ago, our board of directors adopted a statement of principles reflecting our efforts to embrace diversity. We are committed to looking inward at our organizational shortfalls to develop strategic ways to support, empower, and uplift our members.

However, we recognize that we are not perfect and our response to these situations may fall short or be incorrect. We want to learn from our members' perspectives how we can best move forward. We need and welcome your input. If you would like to get involved in our IDEA initiatives, please send your thoughts here. Our hope is that our internal work will amplify voices that need to be heard and transform the fundraising community for the better. 

I maintain my sense of optimism, and I believe that change can happen, in no place more so than in a profession and community such as ours—one that sees the transformation that can be brought by philanthropy and the fundamental altruistic nature of the human heart.

In solidarity,

Rebecca Lamb

Greater Houston Chapter President

Statement from Mike Geiger, AFP Global President & CEO

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