What’s next? 


As we think about fundraising today and tomorrow what can we do to de-institutionalize our efforts? Our current structures are set up for the dominant culture – one that honors hierarchy and permanence (donor walls, anyone?). If we want to broaden the pool, what can we do to engage donors with different giving traditions? We know billions of dollars leave the US each year in remissions to family members in other countries. While the IRS does not give senders a tax deduction for their generosity, the act is certainly philanthropic. How often has a donor told you “big institution XYZ doesn’t need my money” but you know they are motivated to help the humans your institution serves? How many of you have paid it forward at Starbucks, given to a GoFundMe campaign to support your favorite small business through the pandemic or otherwise helped others in ways that will not be seen on any tax return? I do not have the answers, but look forward to your ideas. It’s a new day. Instead of just looking for ways to let more people into the room let’s head outside and notice all the good around us.

Kirsten Schachter AFP Member and IDEA Committee Member