Thank you, Lucille's and Chef Chris Williams!

Chef Chris Williams from Lucille's restaurant joined our AFP Virtual Mixer. Chris started the event by showing us all how to make a specialty cocktail: The Green Smoke. His ingenuity behind the bar matches his creativity in helping the Houston community during COVID-19. Chris and his team at Lucille's have been working around the clock to provide meals to vulnerable populations. Through a partnership with World Central Kitchen, the Lucille's team delivered almost 10,000 meals to those in need. Chris said the movement caught wind and that patrons called the restaurant to purchase meals to distribute, in hopes that even more were served. Though the partnership with World Central Kitchen has ended, Chris continues to deliver meals to our front line workers and as well as those who are considered high risk and therefore quarantining. 
Hearing Chris's story and seeing how he and the team at Lucille's are making an impact in the Houston Community reminded all the attendees why we do the work we do at our organizations. It is about serving others and spreading positivity and hope during times of uncertainty. To learn more about Lucille's and to follow along on the journey, please check out their Instagram.