AFP Scholarship Spotlight: Natalie Salinas, Gift & Database Coordinator, Houston Food Bank

AFP Greater Houston’s National Philanthropy Day helps fund scholarships for deserving professionals throughout Greater Houston who want to take the next step in their fundraising careers. In this feature, we are highlighting Natalie Salinas from the Houston Food Bank. 

Natalie’s professional growth and opportunity through an AFP scholarship for AFP ICON shows the positive investment that funds raised through National Philanthropy Day is improving our sector. We had a chance to ask Natalie about the impact attending AFP ICON had for her and her work in the nonprofit sector: 

What was your experience at AFP ICON?
My experience at AFP Icon was a blast! This was my first out of state conference and it was so much fun! I felt so inspired by all the sessions I was able to attend. 

What is one takeaway you had from the conference that impacts your work at HFB? 
Being able to attend Lynne Wester’s acknowledgment letter session because I felt she speaks the same language and admires the acknowledgement process as much as I do! It was so rewarding to hear that the acknowledgment letter processes I currently have are in her words “THE BEST”. There was a takeaway that I loved and want to do more of at HFB which is sending more postcard thank you and not just 8.5 x 11 letters.

How did the conference impact your career?
The AFP Icon conference made me feel more empowered to do more in my career and not let the lack of education or knowledge stop me. There are a lot of resources, webinars, and committees that I can get involved in through AFP—even other networks in Houston to help me grow! It made me confirm I want to impact my community even more and show my children anything is possible!

Your support through National Philanthropy Day is providing professionals like Natalie the opportunity to grow in her career and make the Greater Houston community better.