AAPI Heritage Month Member Spotlight: Loubel Galik

1. What is your vision for Asian American/Pacific Islander philanthropy?
Although community service and an importance in compassion and charity is part of daily life and taught early one’s childhood, a career in nonprofit is not a traditional one. It is my hope and vision for the Asian American/Pacific Islander community to learn more about the philanthropic landscape as a donor, supporter and professional. It would be amazing to have more AAPI peers in the nonprofit sector as development professionals at all levels and also to introduce, encourage and promote the culture of philanthropy within their families and communities. Asian Americans play such an active, important and meaningful role in every city in this country and it would be wonderful and transformative to engage them even more in the nonprofit sector?

2.What was your first encounter or most memorable experience of Asian American/Pacific Islander philanthropy within your family or community?
My parents were always engaged in our church and in education nonprofits my entire life – both in the Philippines where I was born and here in the United States. Faith is a major part Filipino life, so much of our volunteer time and family donations were through activities with our church whether it be the local food pantry or school supply drives for underserved schools. My mother was a chemistry professor and equity in education was a cause important to her and that carried onto my husband and me.

3.How long have you been an AFP member? Why are you an AFP member?
I have not been an AFP member for a long time, but my three years on the board has been invaluable and I have loved the experience! Most importantly I have met life-long friends who have taught me lessons both in and out of the office.

4.How long have you been working in fundraising?
I have worked in fundraising for 20 years. I started at local breast cancer organization and had the honor to work with survivors, their families, advocates, physicians and supporters for 13 years. I then transitioned to Sterling where I am living the dream of working with nonprofits throughout Houston in every sector with the city’s best professionals, board members and philanthropists.

5.What keeps you motivated at your organization?
I love Houston, partnering with all our clients and the outstanding work they do – whether it be in the arts, green space, human services or education. Their missions are all different, but their vision to play a role to improve and advance the lives of Houstonians are equally extraordinary. 

6. Tell us about a fundraising accomplishment that you’re most proud of?
The fundraising accomplishment I am most proud of is not a moment or project. I am most proud of the people I have met throughout the country doing this work. I am constantly in awe and admiration for those who work in the nonprofit world – their dedication is unmatched, the passion and compassion they hold, their work ethic mind-blowing. I cannot think of another career or professional that introduces you to such a versatile and amazing group of human beings. I am proud to even be part of their squad.

7.If you could describe your job in one to two sentences, what would you say?
Nonprofits exist for the good of us all and Sterling exists for the good of nonprofits. How lucky am I to be a part of that?!